Our one-to-one reading program uses a proven “back to the basics” method developed by Cliff Ponder, founder of the elite Academic Associates® Reading Course. Over 230 centers and schools have practiced this methodology across the United States and in many countries around the world. Students who go through our program typically gain two reading grade levels in just 30 hours.*

Students are gently led through a series of easy steps. Using the right phonics approach, students will read correctly and efficiently. As they read, they are taught simple, effective techniques for understanding what they read. Reading becomes a logical and uncomplicated process. If this sounds simple, it is!

*Students generally receive instruction at least twice a week for one hour per session.

Students in our program
can learn to read!

In lesson one, nearly every student, even those with severe learning disabilities, will read at least 300 words. By lesson 13, most fifth-graders through adults read and spell college-level words, and comprehend material written in their own grade-level or higher. Through our program, students will be led through the stages of reading development:

  • Stage 1 – Initial Decoding
    • An understanding of the phonetic structure of the English language is vital to becoming a good reader. 
  • Stage 2 – Fluency
    • When the decoding process becomes automatic (strong development in speed and accuracy), attention is freed for higher level reading comprehension skills
  • Stage 3 – Meaningful Reading
    • Fluent readers at this stage are able to engage in understanding content and expand their knowledge base.
  • Stage 4 – Relationships and Viewpoints
    • Readers experience the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomies, making appropriate connections and analyses .
  • Stage 5 – Synthesis & Evaluation
    • Evaluating text and generating one’s own thoughts and hypotheses are exercised.

Our philosophy is simple: Teach at a pace where the student can understand and master each level before moving on to the next. This way, students can grow as a reader and feel successful while being motivated to advance in their skills, and in the end, attain mastery… Success!  Read. Grow. Succeed.

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